Vietnamese Spring Roll #bechef

Vietnamese Spring Roll #bechef


Vietnamese Spring Roll

Ingredients: Paneer — 250 g, Bechef Jerk Sauce, Bechef Sweet Chili, Rice Paper 3-4 nos, Vermicelli — 100 g, Sliced Lettuce — 1 small cup, Sliced Red capsicum — 1 small cup, Sliced Yellow Capsicum — 1 small cup, Coriander — 1 small cup, Thyme for topping’

How to make:

— Cut paneer into 4 long slices and place them in a plate
— Marinate the paneer with Bechef Jerk Sauce
— Keep it aside for good 20-30 mins
— Take a pan, get the oil to heat
— Place the marinated Paneer in the pan
— Change the sides and cook evenly on both the sides
— When they turn brown on both the sides, take it out on a plate

— Take water in a huge bowl
— Soak rice paper in a huge bowl for a minute and take it out on a plain plate
— Place the rice paper very gently so that they don’t tear apart
— In the middle of the rice paper, place marinated Jerk Paneer
— Then add boiled vermicelli
— Place the red and yellow capsicum on it
— Then top it with Coriander and Thyme
— Fold both the sides very gently
— And roll the rice paper very carefully

Serve it with Bechef Sweet Chili Sauce as a dip and enjoy the authentic taste of Vietnamese Spring Roll!!

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