Fire Baked Chimichurri Wings Recipe! 🔥 #shorts

Fire Baked Chimichurri Wings Recipe! 🔥 #shorts


Fire Baked Chimichurri Wings to break in my wood fire oven! 🍗 🌿 🔥

After years of cooking on a plethora of grilling gear, I will say this wood fire oven one has brought on a new wave of inspiration unlike any other. Fun fact, you have to cure an oven like this before you can take it to extreme high heat (which is needed for pizza). This process can take a few days, so in the meantime I decided to try my hand at some wings. They turned out amazingly! Hence our recipe for today, Fire Baked Chimichurri Wings. 🍻 👍

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BIGHOMIE HYDRO 26-05-2021 05:27
I always get hungry while watching this channel. Damn. That looks so delicious. One day ima have money and make food like this for my kids and wife.
Carsonvines 23-05-2021 17:02
This channel is so underrated. Thanks again for another fire recipe 🔥
Fakeerah Mohamed
Fakeerah Mohamed 22-05-2021 03:25
Wow it’s amazing and tastes yummy.
Thanks for the recipe.
Maximiliano Meneses
Maximiliano Meneses 20-05-2021 10:22
Gets a brand new pizza oven first instance let’s make wings
Ed Fuller
Ed Fuller 19-05-2021 20:44
Wow, looks awesome. So does your oven.
Brenda Leverick
Brenda Leverick 16-06-2021 05:22
I love your cooking! Bet everyone else does too. 😋
Hookem Jackson
Hookem Jackson 20-05-2021 17:51
You are a creative cook, that has excellent end results. Bravo
Simon Frances
Simon Frances 20-05-2021 04:24
Derek! You didn’t tell us how delicious this was!
Dallas RH
Dallas RH 26-05-2021 19:02
Beautiful setup there D. Thanks for sharing!! 👍🏽👊🏽✊🏽😊💯
Lucas 19-05-2021 21:05
Thats a beautiful oven
Don Levy
Don Levy 19-05-2021 20:20
Nice looking pizza oven!
mabel napoles
mabel napoles 27-06-2021 01:57
amro sawa
amro sawa 27-05-2021 11:08
Thank you for not using Cilantro ❤️
Central Control
Central Control 14-07-2021 01:52
Quality content. Leaps and bounds over Miguel’s kindergarten channel.
Emiliano Soraide
Emiliano Soraide 01-06-2021 15:24
Tip: add some vinegar to chimichurri and it will be better if you let it some days before use it.
Tonja Howard
Tonja Howard 26-06-2021 22:07
Are they fully done? Yet! 🤔
쿡톡 Outdoor BBQ
쿡톡 Outdoor BBQ 20-05-2021 08:57
와~이거 맛나겠다 ㅎ
highfromcali 707
highfromcali 707 22-05-2021 07:33
Oh my god . I’m so happy I just found your account 😌👀
Daisy Emeterio
Daisy Emeterio 28-05-2021 07:21
I really like all your foods…
William Belott
William Belott 12-06-2021 18:06
You’re obsessed with that chimi cherry sauce you use on everything lol
Kevin Chung
Kevin Chung 20-05-2021 04:13
these look mouthwatering…
IH 07-06-2021 04:03
Bro you need more subs wth
Amber Logan
Amber Logan 20-05-2021 02:42
Chimi Chimi bang bang!! 😯🤤😋👍🏾
bejohn baker
bejohn baker 27-05-2021 11:29
L. Hines
L. Hines 19-05-2021 19:41
Wow…I mean just wow
Michael Critchlow
Michael Critchlow 19-05-2021 23:25
Damn it man im getting fat
Pusher _13
Pusher _13 28-05-2021 23:06
*w a n g s*
Denzel Hanson
Denzel Hanson 15-06-2021 06:24
Some of that shrek pis
ANDERSON VI 01-06-2021 14:03
Pwoli saanam myr