CRUNCHY DOUBLE DIP FRIED CHICKEN | Easy Recipe Guide | TheRecipeConnoisseur

CRUNCHY DOUBLE DIP FRIED CHICKEN | Easy Recipe Guide | TheRecipeConnoisseur



This recipe is my all time favourite recipe for the super crunchy fried chicken with the most tender chicken. The buttermilk breaks down the fibres in the chicken leaving the chicken so tender after a 24 hour marinade. This recipe puts all fried chicken shops to shame (can i say that?!).

This recipe can be used on whole peices of chicken for a chicken burger or even be used for different vegetables as a vegan alternative!

You can also cook this in the oven if you wanted a healthier option but who wants to do that.. really.

Prep Time: 20 mins + 24 hours marination | Cooking time: 30 mins | Portions: 20-30 tenders

-4 chicken breasts & 4 thighs,
-6 tbsp of butter milk (i didn’t have butter milk so i used 6 tbsp plain yoghurt mixed with 2 tsp lemon juice which creates a buttermilk alternative),
-3 eggs,
-5 tbsp plain flour,
-2.5 tbsp corn flour,
-2 tsp salt (to taste),
-2 tsp pepper,
-2 tsp garlic powder (forgot to add in video),
-2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional if you like a touch of spice),
-1 tsp cumin powder,
-2 tsp smoked paprika (normal paprika can work too),

Enjoy with dipping sauces of your choice.

-You can cook the chicken in the oven too for a healthier option, cook at 180c for 20 min (10 mins each side),
-If you dont have buttermilk, you can substitute it for plain yoghurt mixed with lemon,
-If you dont have cornflour use all plain flour and add 1tsp of baking powder,
-Make sure the oil is at the correct temperature otherwise the chicken won’t fry correctly and will not have the same crisp and crunch!
-Always make sure the chicken is cooked by cutting it open and ensure it is cooked all the way through with no pink or use a temperature guage.

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anh duy
anh duy 13-05-2021 12:53
It’s so good that i want to eat it raw