BEST BURRITO EVER! — In the Forest from Scratch

BEST BURRITO EVER! - In the Forest from Scratch


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The mind-blowing burrito made from scratch in the wild mountain forest! Cooked on fire using organic homemade ingredients. You will become relaxed by the sounds of nature and witness the ultimate foodporn experience!

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Poty Moty
Poty Moty 06-01-2019 18:02
Hi. I have all the ingredients but I don’t have a forest. What can I use instead?
Iara Aparecida
Iara Aparecida 02-09-2022 20:22
Sensacional !
Adorei seu canal, parabéns e mto sucesso.
Vanderlei Alves
Vanderlei Alves 20-11-2020 12:27
Que receita maravilhosa 👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷
Lapis Mosi
Lapis Mosi 03-04-2021 02:37
I’ve never seen anything like the way you made that beautiful tortilla!!! 🍅Your food is always so fresh and perfect. 💜
Michaela Marshall
Michaela Marshall 21-12-2019 04:31
I started to make this, but my cutting board got swept down the river while I was washing my forest onions. 🙁
Doug Lusch
Doug Lusch 18-08-2018 07:00
Sir, your videos are PURE ART!!! Your presentation is stand alone the best I’ve ever seen!!! I love that there is no spoken word and no music, just pure nature and rustic cooking in the RAW!!! I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to every single video that you will share!!! Your food looks totally AMAZING and SCRUMPDILLYICIOUS!!! Thank you for sharing your IMPECCABLE talent with all of us!!!
Вячеслав Молостнов
Вячеслав Молостнов 04-05-2022 16:03
Замечательный рецепт! Спасибо. 👍
Jade Strawberry
Jade Strawberry 23-05-2022 23:44
I really enjoy watching your channel. It’s so calming. I love to cook, too, and your burrito filling would make a lovely chili served with homemade cornbread.
Miriam Maldonado
Miriam Maldonado 02-02-2022 05:59
I love the simplicity, colors, setting, and of course the recipes.. It looks completely stunning and tasteful!!
Maya 11-06-2020 15:46
Man, I’ve been following you since this channel had less than 100.000 subscribers. You’re well over 3 million now. Well done. Keep up with your amazing videos.
Dusan Bogojevic
Dusan Bogojevic 22-05-2019 02:32
Kakav je kralj ovaj lik,svaki detalj je savrsen.Svaki recept je sjajan i sigurno ukusan…A svaki video deluje na mozak opustajuce,kad god imam napad anksioznosti ili nesanice,pustim ovog brata!! =]
Ateliê Simone Assis
Ateliê Simone Assis 02-12-2019 03:47
Deve ser mt bom 😍
Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson 06-07-2020 18:20
this should be called «Chef in the Forest» and I’d binge on every episode for sure! Awesome! So totally me lol
ingrid ugarteche
ingrid ugarteche 28-04-2022 04:13
This is so freaking awesome! I can’t keep up with this recipes! I wanted to make a huge fire like almazan’s but my neighbors called the fire department and now half of my eyelashes and my apartment is burning! Maybe I should of done it somewhere else! This is so amazing!! Thanks
Estrada Com Música
Estrada Com Música 21-10-2020 23:00
Felicitaciones por tu canal. Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos de cocina com nosotros. Abrazos!!!!
Brittani White
Brittani White 13-05-2018 17:20
This is by far the best relaxing video I’ve ever seen. Just being with nature is a total blessing.
JoJo Mafia
JoJo Mafia 18-04-2021 02:29
Beyond a burrito! Beyond food! Absolutely beautiful Art!!! 😋💙
Raíssa Araújo
Raíssa Araújo 19-06-2019 13:38
Adorei o jeito como foi feito 😍😍😍
RIZZY’S DIY 27-10-2019 13:01
This video is the most satisfying video I’ve ever seen.. Very resourceful good job to you guys I know it’s not easy to make a video as good as this.. I just subscribed to your channel…thank you for sharing your talent and more power to your channel.
Snow Killer
Snow Killer 14-06-2022 16:11
Thank you, it was very tasty, I cooked, of course, not in the forest, but at home 😄🌮
LTRX 11-03-2019 17:41
This burrito made my mouth water, man that looks very delicious
Joshua Church
Joshua Church 14-11-2020 18:20
I’ve been a cook and a welder and I’m still impressed. Kudos to you sir you have some seriously tough hands!
Sherry Drake
Sherry Drake 09-04-2020 22:23
His ingredients and his cooking are so beautiful and look so delicious.
LM Jesus Christ
LM Jesus Christ 07-04-2022 07:43
I haven’t ever wanted a burrito so bad in my life. 😟
Anne Bell
Anne Bell 15-11-2020 23:55
That looks AMAZING !!!!🌳💕🌳
tosikuai 26-12-2019 22:07
So claiming to watch your videos even if I don’t cook the recipe. It’s superb thanks
Shanti Dierauer
Shanti Dierauer 27-09-2020 09:36
Oh, it really saddens me, that I cant have the opportunity to try of it !
It’s like magical and real art this is the second cooking video I’m watching.
That must have a unique and very good taste the burrito cooked on the hot braises….love it how this amazing cook drops the dough on the hot fireplace and turns it like is the most normal thing to do in life.
LM Jesus Christ
LM Jesus Christ 20-10-2020 19:48
This burrito looks amazing man. I mean seriously!
Lilli 07-05-2020 12:21
I swear this guy makes it look soooooo good !!
jamal gunter
jamal gunter 02-03-2019 05:24
There’s no way the food being prepared in these Awesomely made vids isn’t the best thing I never tasted!!!! I loved these Videos!!! Thank you posting, this is amazing .
Arielsam Ernesto
Arielsam Ernesto 31-08-2020 23:39
hola me quito el sombrero y te aplaudo de pie… acabas de lograr de impresionarme con tu obra de arte en la cocina mi profunda admiración!!!!!! saludos desde argentina me llamo ariel
Doca Ristic
Doca Ristic 15-08-2019 05:28
I’m watching all of your cooking videos, they’re amazing…I’m proud to say that we are Serbs…great artists, scientists, innovators, cooks, and lovers….hvala vam !
Haydee Lebron
Haydee Lebron 16-02-2020 02:05
This is a highly trained Chef… this man can Cook!!!👨🏼‍🍳
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 26-09-2020 08:43
All is perfect in your videos man, the way you do it, the where, the instruments, just freaking perfect!
Dimas Akbar
Dimas Akbar 09-08-2018 16:01
That feel when you realize a burrito is brought up in better environment than you 😦
Bia Campbell
Bia Campbell 17-11-2020 13:21
Your food looks amazing 😉 I will do some of it for sure. Full of taste.
Priscilla Clements
Priscilla Clements 06-04-2020 06:29
the way you were holding the ingredients and chopping even! twas with love, delicacy and tenderness. you would swear you were making love to the food lol…impressive art!
Goran Aksic
Goran Aksic 12-04-2020 09:45
Bravo braćo!!! Spremam sve što objavite, svaka čast!!! Veliki pozdrav iz Bajine Bašte!
Second Sun
Second Sun 26-01-2022 15:50
Thanks for sharing the measurements of the recipe.. I really enjoyed the taste in my head.
Andrew Muir
Andrew Muir 10-05-2021 20:18
Not only does the food look delicious the photography is sublime!
Alex Kuss
Alex Kuss 31-01-2021 17:39
It is amasingly satisfying to watch these videos. You know what ur doing mate! Thank you
Lee-Ann Rath
Lee-Ann Rath 05-05-2021 14:41
Simply beautiful 😍 No other words to describe this
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook 16-10-2020 01:03
I love these videos! Peaceful and yummy. 🤗
El Pitahayas
El Pitahayas 29-06-2017 17:06
I keep watching this videos when I’m baked… then I go back to real life and eat some corn flakes… It’s a sad life I tell ya…
Raíssa Araújo
Raíssa Araújo 19-06-2019 13:38
Continue sempre fazendo o que gosta, você é incrível!
Jackoneillsg 08-12-2019 19:56
je viens de faire votre recette j’ai adoré merci pour toutes c’est videos ^^
CC Auguste
CC Auguste 24-11-2020 11:34
I live in st.lucia and that’s how the locals cook! Great to see it in other parts of the world! Preparing for time of trouble!
Monica-NJ 10-01-2021 18:30
Looks delicious 😋
Kim Paul
Kim Paul 15-10-2018 13:27
That was the most relaxing cooking episode I have had the privilege of viewing. So calming and peaceful, not one drop of stress. So beautiful and relaxing, life at its best. 😘
FoodFrugal 10-06-2020 01:18
wow fantastic! so inspired, love cooking on fire! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I liked and subscribed.